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TokwiseSofia, Bulgarie
Electricity trading
Saas platform for energy market players to optimize trading decisions and efficiently manage renewable energy portfolios.
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LocationSofia, Bulgarie
FundraisingRound opening soon
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Julien MarcenacCo-founder
About Tokwise
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  • The emergence of renewable energy has introduced new challenges in the energy markets driven by the intermittent nature of green power generation. 
  • As a result, the energy grid is undergoing significant changes, with markets shifting towards real-time operations and assets being digitized.The fast-paced and volatile electricity markets create a pressing need for advanced portfolio management in order to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Classical trading and fundamental strategies are no longer enough to guarantee efficient marketing of renewable energy.
  • At TokWise, we understand the challenges faced by portfolio managers and traders in the renewable energy sector. To tackle these issues, we developed a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service suite to optimize operations and boost trading performance, maximizing the value of green energy.
  • Our platform bridges the gap between physical assets and complex electricity markets, centralizing renewable portfolio management. It offers scalable, reliable data management, embedded automation, and strong security standards to cover the entire business flow.
  • TokWise's AI-native SaaS trading engine harnesses the power of proprietary models customized to each client's portfolio, risk parameters and market trends.
  • We recognize that renewable energy sources are game-changers in a new decentralized world. Our commitment is to support green energy stakeholders in building effective operations and achieving balanced trading results.