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Electricity trading
AI-based trading solution for flexible energy assets and portfolios 
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The main challenge in the energy transition lies in the volatile nature of renewable energy generation, which often fails to align with demand. This imbalance requires flexible assets such as grid-scale batteries to bridge the gap between supply and demand. At Entrix, we have developed AI-based algorithms that empower our customers to find the most efficient use of their assets on a daily basis. We strategically position the assets in the best markets, at the right time and at the best price, taking into account battery life cycle and degradation costs.
The Entrix solution unlocks the full potential of grid-scale storage assets and virtual power plants and optimizes their financial returns on a day-to-day basis.
To ensure the best results when making trading decisions, we cove both energy market and asset operations on a long-term basis. By having created intelligent and highly adaptive algorithms that constantly evaluate the best opportunities in the markets, Entrix not only maximizes current revenues, but also takes into account weather conditions, seasonality, macro-economic developments and changing market designs to maximize the overall lifetime profitability of the battery.
In the end, our trading strategy looks different every single day depending on the given market environment. Through this, we make sure that batteries provide the greatest value both to the energy system and to their owners.