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Digital trading solution for large-scale battery storage
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Dr. Lennard Wilkening CEO
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Miguel WesselmannCFO
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Tom WitterCTO
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Large-scale battery storage systems play a key role in the energy transition and must therefore be profitable and efficient in order to promote their expansion and ensure the integration of renewable sources. However, battery storage owners face high complexity in combining applications of ancillary services and trading within the energy market. The multifaceted nature of pricing, demand fluctuations, and regulatory changes make specialized knowledge and tools for efficient and profitable operations necessary, as they cannot be managed by human capacity anymore.
Trading as a service as suena’s core service, offers the continuous optimization and execution of a multi-market trading strategy for large scale battery storages. suena has developed a modular optimization and trading software, demonstrating broad integration capabilities with a wide array of storage hardware and software interfaces. This robust and adaptable software platform enables suena to quickly adapt diverse energy markets and comply with new regulations in Europe and beyond. The trading strategy is based on suena’s energy trading autopilot, that combines market forecasts and advanced statistical optimization algorithms to find a revenue maximizing dispatch schedule for the battery storage.
To align the trading strategy to the business model, suena also supports in sizing, project planning and investment decisions for energy storage projects.