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Renewable electricity generation
SaaS that redefines operating, financing and insuring renewable plants, making it asset specific and effortless
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Bora TokyayCEO
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Murat YilmazCOO
About Kavaken
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Wind energy asset owners encounter several challenges, such as:

- Aging assets, which lead to reduced revenue and increased costs due to unplanned outages and equipment failures.
- Operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts that focus on time-based availability as the primary metric, overlooking the critical aspect of energy output.
- The extensive workload caused by the need for hours-long analyses, due to the vast amount of data collected from hundreds of sensors.
Kavaken’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform leverages existing data to create precise actions and automation, thereby delivering additional value through increased output, reduced downtime and risk, and enhanced efficiency.

The solution provides the following capabilities:

- Operations Management & Maintenance Planning: Move beyond just insights to receive the most crucial, actionable recommendations for enhancing the performance of all your assets.
- Predictive Maintenance: Prevent potential failures that aren't covered by regular maintenance schedules, thereby reducing insurance costs.
- Upgrade Planning and Verification: Determine where upgrades could provide the most benefit and confirm the actual improvements in performance.
- Reporting: Access customized, dynamic reports for performance monitoring that meet the requirements of every stakeholder.
- O&M Contracts and Claims Management: Equip yourself with solid data for discussions with O&M service providers, ensuring you're prepared for any contractual negotiations.
- Asset Sale/Purchase: Enhance the certainty of asset valuations by ensuring the assets are performing optimally and are maintained appropriately, enabling quicker access to comprehensive facts.