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Renewable electricity generation
AI solutions to control complex operations, increase energy production and extend asset lifetime
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Alexander Helmer CTO
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Silvio Rodrigues CIO
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Renewable assets are equipped with sensors that generate large amounts of data, containing valuable information, but often operators don't have the right tools to transform these millions of data points into actionable insights. 
Hence, renewable assets can be underperforming, without owners or operators being aware of this. And to make it even worse, machines can break down when they are needed most. 
Therefore, profit margins from renewable assets are undermined by avoidable underperformance and suboptimal maintenance strategy. Assets do not generate as much power as they could do and O&M costs are too high.
With cloud-enabled technologies such as AI and machine learning, Jungle AI helps renewable asset owners to increase the speed and accuracy of decision-making. 
Jungle AI has developed technology that learns the normal behaviour of machines and provides accurate predictive models, to increase the uptime and performance of wind and solar farms. Jungle AI's product Canopy monitors the health and performance of large portfolios, all the way down to the individual sensor level, handling millions of data points per day. 
Built on existing sensors and data streams, Jungle AI enables solar and wind asset owners to produce more energy with their existing farms, accelerating the transition to renewables.