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Electricity trading
AI-powered weather forecasts for energy trading
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FundraisingTotal Funding Amount $8M
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Andreas BrennerCEO & Co-Founder
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Marvin GablerChief Science Officer & Co-Founder
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Energy systems are increasingly reliant on weather factors, yet the existing weather models are limited in accuracy and have a very long compute time. Jua tackles this problem by deploying state-of-the-art AI to solve the physics of the atmosphere. Jua's end-to-end, deep-learning atmospheric model generates highly accurate weather forecasts that are leveraged to predict energy production and demand. This represents pivotal competitive edge for energy traders. 
Leveraging fundamentally new technology and tens of millions of primary data points, Jua operates the first AI “Large Physics Model” predicting weather with extreme high accuracy, precision, and speed. This brings several key advantages to energy traders: 
Compute speed: Jua's AI model is much faster at predicting weather changes than traditional models, enabling a competitive advantage for traders. 
Prediction accuracy and local precision: With Jua’s model, the accuracy and precision of weather-dependent power and demand forecasts are improved by several orders of magnitude. 
100% powered by proprietary AI and new data: Jua stands apart from traditional post-processed forecasts reliant on third-party weather models. Jua's AI enables traders with uniquely insightful data.