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Energy storage
Software platform accelerating understanding of potential ESS investments
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FundraisingTotal Funding Amount $110K
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Kai Erspamer CEO & Co-founder
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Odd CappelenCTO & Co-founder
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Commercial and industrial energy storage is a critical part of enabling renewable electrification. However, these investments are highly uncertain, influenced by factors such as the variety of services available, the wide range of price scenarios for each service, differing DSO tariffs & regulations, and different system capabilities, capacities, & chemistries. This means ESS buyers, sellers, and investors spend too much time and money on investment decisions that end up being made in the dark. Geniess makes it easy to validate the potential installations, decide on the optimal system size & configuration, and understand the potential return and risk for every potential investment. 
Software-as-a-service platform enabling rapid, flexible, & robust validation for each specific ESS investment with a focus on commercial, industrial, and coupled systems. 
With minimal initial data, Geniess can simulate a wide range of potential scenarios, services, and systems to choose the most robust potential investments for each specific site. 
Geniess enables nuanced understanding of what drives risk, opportunity, and potential return and automatically exports investment-ready decision documentation that can be used throughout the decision and procurement process. 
Geniess delivers bottom-line impact for ESS sellers (including developers and integrators), industrial buyers, and investors.