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STABL Energy GmbH Munich
Energy storage
Second life battery with innovative modules interconnection and Battery Control System
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FundraisingTotal Funding Amount €17.1M
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Dr. Arthur SingerCEO and co-founder
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Dr. Nam TruongCEO and co-founder
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Christoph DietrichCFO and co-founder
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Martin Sprehe Integration and Project managament & Co-founder
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Economically and ecologically, it makes a lot of sense to give electric car batteries a second life as energy storage devices before they are recycled. By reusing them as energy storage devices in applications such as stationary battery storage systems for solar energy, the service life of the batteries can be extended by several years. A challenge when using already used batteries in storage, are the different health conditions of the batteries. STABL has found a solution for this: The innovative STABL technology can integrate batteries with different remaining capacities. 
"Second-life" refers to the reuse of batteries that no longer have enough power for use in an e-vehicle, but can still store enough energy to be used in other applications. For example, these batteries can be used in stationary energy storage systems and as back-up power supplies. 
Battery storage systems play a crucial role in the stability of the power grid and are thus at the heart of the energy transition. They enable the optimization of self-consumption, reduce peak loads and lower costs in the long term. In addition, they can be used as pre-charge storage for electric cars to enable optimized fast charging. Thanks to their modular inverter technology, STABL can handle used batteries well. This saves valuable resources.