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KipsumParis, France
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Digital twin for electricity network optimization
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Philippe ChevalierCo-founder
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Rami Abou-EidCo-founder
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Today at Kipsum we solve 2 problems of our clients:
  • The need to reduce their energy, economic and environmental bills. This is reinforced by the current cost explosion in the geopolitical context. 
  • The mandatory transition to carbon neutrality.
Energy optimisation (commercial and industrial customers) through a digital twin and a control system that has the potential to offer real time load shedding.​
Energy efficiency optimisation « as-a-service », in 3 steps
  • Modelling by machine learning method,
  • Optimal control recommendations to be applied to HVAC systems
  • Installation of electronics and a digital twin building management system.

A plug and play energy manager that relies on connected sensors, a multiphysics model located in the cloud and a set of actuators to take control of the system

This solution applies to buildings’ HVAC, processes and tomorrow, to electric flexibility