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ACCURE Battery IntelligenceAix-la-Chapelle, Allemagne
Energy storage
AI-enabled battery analytics to detect safety risks and increase battery lifespan
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LocationAix-la-Chapelle, Allemagne
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Kai-Philipp KairiesCEO
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Complex chemical reactions happen in lithium-ion batteries while they operate, and no two batteries are identical. Yet we are developing our clean energy and mobility future on them. Companies purchasing battery systems are left with uncertainty if the cells will operate as expected and carry additional operational risk. ACCURE delivers transparency and battery business intelligence to reduce risk and expenses while increasing sustainability. 
Software-as-a-Service solution consisting of 3 battery analytics pillars:
  • Safety Manager: reduces downtimes with early detection of batteries/modules presenting a safety or fire risk
  • Performance Manager: detects underperforming assets, recommends actions to improve performance, verifies that the battery is operated within the operating window covered by the manufacturer warranty.
  • Lifetime Manager: accurately predicts the aging and lifetime of systems, performs simulations of future uses to recommend those that maximize the battery lifetime.
Battery analytics are typically run pre-commissioning for safety and performance, continue during operation to manage the assets, and support transitioning to second-life applications.