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Time2PlugParis, France
Electric Mobility
Turnkey EV charging solutions specialist targeting B2B market

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LocationParis, France
FundraisingRound opening soon
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Edouard Héripret CEO
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Francois HussenotCo-founder
About Time2Plug
Issues resolved
  • Difficulty for the small BTB to find solutions for the installation of charging stations. On average, it takes more than 90 days for TotalEnergies' partners to install the equipment.
  • Utilities are overwhelmed by requests and are often technically unable to "handle what represents 30% of the electricity market".
Time2Plug develops a turnkey charging station installation solution for small BtB.
  • The promise of time2Plug is to install in less than 45 days versus > 90 days observed on the market today
  • Time2Plug has developed a website and built a network of certified installers to digitalize, standardize, industrialize and accelerate the installation of charging points for small B2B. The service covers the automatic generation of quotes, installation, management and maintenance of the charging point.
  • The platform has been designed to be used as a white label (B2B2C) in order to adapt to the specificity of each partner (electricity suppliers such as TTE, car manufacturers, dealers, etc.) who can use the site with their own colors.