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Green EagleMadrid, Espagne
Renewable electricity generation
Automating remote wind operations with software robots
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LocationMadrid, Espagne
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Alejandro Cabrera CEO
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Issues resolved
  • The operators of wind and solar assets are obliged to monitor machines from different manufacturers (OEM) with a multiplicity of software to be taken in hand and supervised. 
  • In case of incidents, the response time of the operations centers is high, which leads to productivity losses.
  • Operations centers employ a large number of operators to operate and maintain the various machines.
Green Eagle develops a solution adapted to wind assets (and more recently to solar assets) that allows to automate operational tasks that are currently done manually. 
  • The ARSOS robot from Green Eagle is a software based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology. By definition in RPA, the system learns the list of tasks to automate by observing the behavior of human users.  
  • Thus Green Eagle allows to automate some monitoring tasks, reducing considerably the response time, and freeing the operators who can dedicate their time to other tasks. 
  • According to Green Eagle, the automation would allow on the one hand to increase the rate of availability of assets by 1%, and on the other hand to divide by 3 the number of FTE required on the operation and maintenance part. 
  • It is a cloud solution that allows remote interfacing with assets of different brands in the world and to gather their monitoring in a single control room.