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GranularParis, France
Electricity trading
Software solution for 24/7 clean energy supply
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Bruno Menu Co-founder
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Samuel Cheptou Co-founder
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Toby FerencziCo-founder
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Issues resolved
  • The current system of energy certificates (Guarantee of Origin in Europe) represents electricity production over a month or a year.
  • The matching between consumption and production is therefore currently done on an annual or monthly basis without reflecting the intermittency of renewable energies and the physical reality of the electrical system.
  • These certificates will evolve in the coming years until they reach an hourly time step (RED III regulation requires the switch to hourly). Hourly certificates will be much more complex to manage than annual certificates and will require specific management and trading tools.
Granular provides a platform to match renewable generation and consumption on an hourly time step.
  • The switch to hourly matching is one of the solutions to match the physical reality between consumption and production. It also improves the confidence of customers who will have the certainty of consuming green.
  • Granular provides the digital platform to manage these certificates and prepares the trading tools for the future hourly flexibility markets.