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BonnetLondres, Angleterre
Electric Mobility
App for electric vehicle drivers to "plan, plug and pay" for charging services
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LocationLondres, Angleterre
FundraisingRound opening soon
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Patrick ReichCEO
About Bonnet
Issues resolved
Multitude of badges and applications to recharge one's vehicle. 
The price of charging is not understandable for the consumer. 
Charging station operators (CPO) do not technically have the ability to play on prices to optimize charging station usage rates. (Charging at appropriate times).
Bonnet is a recharge application for BTC/B2B customers that offers a monthly subscription with a fixed price per kWh (per country) and a 100% digital experience.
A solution based on a fixed monthly fee like a telephone subscription: 
  • Bonnet's offer is easily readable by consumers because it is pre-paid with a fixed price per kWh/country. 
  • Bonnet chooses to be 100% digital and to use only the telephone as a means of recharging.