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BiaBarcelone, Espagne
Distributed Energy Management
Software solutions to optimize flexibility through charging management for electric vehicles 
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LocationBarcelone, Espagne
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Candace Saffery NeufeldCEO
About Bia
Issues resolved
  • The lack of intelligence in electric vehicle charging results in high charging costs, capacity saturation (charging at the wrong time) and premature degradation of fleet batteries (100% charge). 
  • The supervision software for charging stations does not include control solutions that make it possible to make the most of potential shedding (batteries of electric vehicle fleets).
Bia is a software solution that offers solutions for optimizing electrical recharging for the benefit of B2B fleet customers and electricity suppliers.
It allows : 
  • B2B fleet customers to optimize their electric recharging via Smart Charging (Smart Charging means the possibility to control, via an application, the time and power of EV charging, according to predefined parameters: price of electricity, carbon intensity, upcoming trips of the EV...).
  • Electricity suppliers to enhance the value of aggregated power (batteries of B2B EV fleets) by proposing load shedding options