We accelerate innovative start-ups in the electricity sector

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"It's exciting for entrepreneurs to know there's a big company like TotalEnergies ready to give them space to grow. If they have good ideas, they can implement them here and develop their own business."

Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies

Eligibility Criteria

If your start-up is innovating in electricity and renewable energy, come and join us!

The program is primarily aimed at innovative digital start-ups in the following six areas:

electricity generator

Renewable electricity generation

electricity generator

Energy storage

electricity generator

Distributed energy management

electricity generator

Electricity trading

electricity generator

Power retail

electricity generator

Electric mobility

Apply if you are active in North America, Europe or Asia, the main energy markets for TotalEnergies.


Your maturity is at the level of acceleration or scaling.

You’ve developed at least a minimum viable product and are interested in deploying your innovation within TotalEnergies to accelerate your development.


What do we ask for in exchange?

Not much… just commitment to make the most of it!


No relocation

We don't need you to move your whole team to Paris. Better divide and conquer and only send the right people!


No cash

You don't have to pay for your workspace and our mentoring services. Keep your money to boost your growth!


No exclusivity

Work with anyone you like. Helping you get new clients and partners is a win-win!


No equity

You don't have to give up any equity to participate in the program. It's better to get fresh fundings from investors out of it!

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